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Print Help Desk

Printhub accepts PDF and other Adobe design format files for printing or artwork. This is to ensure compatibility and error free production of your artwork. If you're not entirely sure how to create a PDF file suitable for Print you can contact us or send us your file and we will help you.

Resolution: your files should be set to a resolution of 300dpi, anything less may result in a pixellated print, and any higher just results in unnecessarily large files.

File Size: your files should match the Full Bleed size specified on each product page. You may supply artwork at the finished size, however depending on your design, it may result in thin white borders around the edges.

Colour Mode: your artwork is always printed in CMYK, it's best to setup your files in this mode. Depending on what application you're using, this is not always possible, so during our processing here, all RGB images or spot colours are converted to CMYK before printing. This will alter colours slightly, as not all colours you see in RGB can be reproduced in CMYK, however we used the most advanced colour management software around to get the closest possible match.

If you need help or have any questions feel free to contact us via email: or call us on 09 909 9091